Two Paths to One: Next Steps to Integrate an Indigenous Understanding into Environmental Work

10/27/2021 09:00 AM - 10:30 AM CST


Crowdcast and Gather.Town


Niizhoo-gwayakochigewin ((NEE-zhoo gwy-ah-ko-chi-gay-win)—an Ojibwe phrase which translates to “two ways of doing the right thing in the right way”—aims to bring about understanding and engagement of both Western scientific and Indigenous knowledge perspectives to help build positive relationships and create long-term, sustainable changes in the world. Attendees will begin to consider their own racial lens and how it integrates with their current work. After personal reflection, one can then move to how your work can be expanded to begin to consider racial equity with a particular focus on Indigenous ways of knowing.

Hosted by Bemidji State University and Environmental Initiative, this event is intended for environmental professionals and people looking to learn about and integrate an Indigenous way of thinking into their work. We will provide a safe space to introduce non-Native people to an Indigenous worldview, so they can begin to respectfully do the work necessary to increase racial equity and improve environmental quality in Minnesota and beyond.

*Links to the event will be sent to registered individuals one week prior to event.*

*Suggested donation of $30